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So...I am taking an English composition class, and this is my first essay, I definitively need to put it here.. 


I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but suddenly I got the idea to travel and live in another country, even for a short time. I guess it was when I was eight years old, and I left my country for first time to I travel to Disneyworld in United States of America for fifteen days. I traveled without my parents as it was a tourism trip for children. I can’t say that after that trip was when I decided I wanted to travel to another country, but it opened my eight year old mind to other places and another cultures.

The time passed and I grew up and traveled to Ecuador with my family. Again, I enjoyed the experience of meeting new people, seeing new places and discovering a new culture.
I started studying English in high school, and I always wanted to come back to the U.S. to improve my English, but it was too expensive for my family and me. We don’t have relatives in the U.S. which meant that if I decided to come, my parents would have to pay, not only for my English education, but also, for a place for me to live so, it seemed the idea would just be a dream.

One day in class, my friend told me about the Au Pair program, and I became really excited about the idea. The chance to live with an American family, take care of their kids and have the opportunity to study English, and the best part, it wasn’t expensive! So, I talked with my mom. At first she wasn’t sure about the program; “Is that safe?” she wondered.  “Why someone would like to bring a foreign girl to take care of their own kids?”  But, after a while, she realized it was a good opportunity and I was almost ready to apply, but for personal reasons I couldn’t do it at that moment.

Three years passed, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and was working as an engineer in a manufacturing company; however, I hadn’t given up on my dream. The idea of being an Au Pair   still remained in my mind, and one day I decided to make it happen. So, I called to the Agency (Cultural Care), but the things didn’t work how I was expecting. According to this Agency one of the requirements for being an Au Pair in USA was being a student, which I wasn’t. I felt my dream was falling apart again, but I didn’t give up. I started looking at being an Au Pair in another English speaking country, and I found an Agency for Au Pairing in the Netherlands. I applied and fulfilled all the requirements; I was ready to be an Au Pair!

However, time went on and I didn’t find a host family (the Netherlands is a small country, and there weren’t many available families).  I was really upset, I felt I was losing my money and my time, but I was obsessed with the idea.  I didn’t want to quit and abandon hope so; I called again to the U.S. agency Cultural Care, looking for another opportunity, but again they rejected my profile. Although this time they referred me to another Agency, Au Pair in America.

When I went to talk with the agent, she told me that my profile was perfect and I didn’t have to be a student to apply for the program, so I did it and in less that 6 months I was traveling to the USA!

Everything was so fast that I couldn’t believe it! I had to resign from my job, and get over the fact I was leaving my engineering job to take care of kids! I knew it sounded crazy for a lot of people even my mom, but being an Au Pair isn’t just taking care of kids. It’s living with an American family, studying, and most importantly, a cultural exchange.

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  1. Natalia, as I always have told you, I really admire you a lot because of the wonderful human being you are. I haven’t finished reading your blog yet but I like the way you write your “chocoaventuras”. I feel like I was there in those moments.
    It is remarkable that you never lost faith even in the most difficult moments ever. You have never gave up and that perseverance has made you be where you are now. Never change that.
    Your family and friends must be very proud of you, but I dare to say that you are as well of yourself. The fact of leaving your beloved ones and your country in order to live a life-changing experience makes you a special person. The world is for those who venture to the unknown.
    I can tell there is a difference in the Natalia in your last entry compared to the Natalia from the first one. In each entry, you reflect how different experiences you lived (both positive and negatives) have made you grown up as a person. I feel lucky of knowing you, because I can learn a lot from an incredible girl from Medellín who decided to become an Au Pair in Holland but that destiny took her to Pittsburgh.

  2. Natalia, he leido todo tu blog y me ha parecido muy interesante. Lo he hecho porque he estado ultimamente investigando acerca de au pair para mi hija que tiene 21 años pero aun no me decido con cual au pair pues me da pavor pues por esos engaños que existen en el internet, lo de trata de blancas y mucho màs. me gustaria que me recomendara que au pair es el apropiado donde uno no vaya a perder dinero y pues no exactamente de cuidad niños sin de ir solamente en las vacaciones. espero me respondas algo. gracias y pues aqui en el blog aun no dices si ya regresaste aki a colombia o aun sigues allà luchandola con toda. te felicito. eres una berraca

  3. Holaa! Mucho ánimo guapa!!
    Mónica garzon, yo estoy ahora haciendo los trámites para ser au pair en USA, con AuPair Care. Es una agencia que lleva todo el papeleo y es fiable. Por lo menos USA tiene todo controlado en ese tema. Te dejo la dirección de mi blog por si quieres echar un vistazo para comprobar cómo funciona el proceso:

    Cómo ser au pair...y no morir en el intento

    Un beso a las dos y mucho ánimooo!!

  4. Hola Natalia! He encontrado tu blog de casualidad y me he enganchado. Soy de España y tengo 19 años, y estoy planteándome irme de Au Pair a Estados Unidos. Tengo amigas que han sido Au Pairs en Inglaterra, pero me parece más interesante EEUU. Así que gracias por compartir tus experiencias!!! Me están ayudando y animando mucho, de verdad.